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 YES, I've added Vienna, Austria and Budapest, Hungary to my 2023 travel schedule in the SPRING! That time of year in those 2 countries has to be beautiful. I'll be staying near the Blue Danube in both cities. From Vienna to Budapest is just under three hours on the fast train.  

That leaves Zurich and Dubai at the end of 2023 in December ... Christmas Market (love those) in Zurich, Switzerland ... and New Year's Eve in Dubai.  Do you foresee a MIDNIGHT IN DUBAI novel coming up in the series?  hint hint

More later ...

How I Plan and Book Travel

For instance, the upcoming trip to England:

1. Because I use American Airlines, exclusively, and because I have quite a number of earned miles still, I first book a RT flight to Heathrow London on the dates I prefer.  I use the AA mobile app.

2. Next I choose and book accomodations in the towns I am visiting, using the Booking dot com app.  In this case - Windsor, Winchester, Weymouth, & London ... in that order. London is last because of easy accessibility to Heathrow and scheduled flight on the return trip to US.

NOTE:  Book only rooms that say FREE CANCELATION and PAY AT PROPERTY.  You'll save a lot of possible frustration if you change your mind down the line.  I know this to be true!

3. The choices of transportation around England  are taxi, bus, and train. There are short flights available to farther regions, however.  But for this particular trip I will use taxis and trains.

From Heathrow to Windsor - a prebooked taxi driver, holding a placard, will meet me at the airport and take me to my hotel in Windsor, which is only a 17-minute drive. 

From Windsor to Winchester - first I take a taxi to the Woking train station (12 miles) to board a train to Winchester. That guarantees I dont have to change trains and deal with other platforms and schedules, for it's a straight shot from Woking to Winchester. I do not like changing trains. 

From Winchester to Weymouth, I do have one train change, however, in Southampton. No getting around it.  So I'll make sure I'll travel with one roller bag only. I've come a long way from 4 bags to 1.  Oh yes!!!

Now on the return trip from Weymouth, I'll do a reverse train journey to Woking, and preorder a taxi from Woking to my hotel in the London Heathrow area. Taxi next day to airport. 

So thats the basics and how I plan travel anywhere in the world. 




YES!  I’ve booked a hotel in Windsor before my stay in Winchester and Weymouth, England, next year. Need to be closer to Heathrow on departure for home, so I added a night in London after Weymouth.  I am thrilled to be going back to Windsor!  This time I will be staying in a gorgeous period hotel I saw up the lane from where I was last time, still across from the castle, but nearer Prince Harry’s Pub.  ❤️

So it’s WINDSOR for 2 nights, WINCHESTER for 2 nights, WEYMOUTH for 7 nights, London Heathrow 1 night. 

And while I’m in Winchester I’ll take the train a short distance to have lunch with my 7th husband, Philip. The only one still living, of the eight. We’ve remained friends, so that will be a pleasant visit. We’ll have to send up a toast to the others. YES!

So! That’s the latest on my late Spring of 2022 holiday. Of course I’ll be doing more research for GUESTHOUSE ROW while I’m there. 

More later ....



2021 ** May 14-17. PHOENIX AZ

2022 ** Apr 23-25  WINCHESTER, ENGLAND

2022 ** Apr 25 - May 2   WEYMOUTH, ENGLAND

2022 ** Sep 14-28. PARIS, FRANCE

I’ve made the changes in my schedule to accommodate my ongoing writing projects. So I won’t be doing the pleasure trip to Wales just yet. possibly will in 2023, a week in Wales and a week in Scotland. Have put that off for now. But first I must go to England to work on GUESTHOUSE ROW..  Also am going to visit husband #7 now that he’s he’s getting up in age, and lives near Winchester where I’ll stay a couple days. Then am going to Paris for my birthday next fall. Yahoo!

Hopefully this will work out wiser and better for me.  And sometime THIS fall I want to visit my daughter in southern AZ. Will visit my son Micheal and Elaine in Phoenix next month.  

And I just learned today that one of my dear childhood chums from the 1940s, Patsy Mitchell Kuntz, is coming to Las Vegas from Tennessee next month. I haven’t seen her in decades. We’ve recently reconnected on Facebook. Wow!

Okay. That’s it for now ... as more things unfold I’ll write about it all. 

❤️❤️❤️❤️  Bye for now. 

Hugs from Rebecca Becky


 GOOD EVENING ... I've been thinking today, as I reminisce about life and past travels, which I do quite often - both reminisce and travel - how the trips and journeys make me feel alive and keep me interested in living.   

Not everybody understands my consistent drive and passion to travel, especially those who haven't been to other countries or are primarily homebodies. Travel for me is not only enjoyable and a learning and research avenue, but has been theraputic many times.

I also believe the basic urge stems from conversations with my father before my first marriage and inbetween all the others that followed ... he would suggest each time that I not marry, that I choose a career where I could travel. He was always saying in our coffee sessions that he wished he could travel more, but mother didnt like to. I think of him on every trip I take, knowing he would love to see and be in the countries and places I visit.  Actually I've felt he's been with me many times, watching over me. Guiding me. 

Even now as I go back and forth with should I or should I not take the extended trip I've been planning since 2019 ... which I began on January 16, 2020 and got as far as England before the pandemic hit and cut the planned year's journey short. However I stayed in England five months before I had to come back because the US was closing up as well as Europe and the UK. No more travel that year  for me or for anybody else. 

So I figured I'd wait it out in Las Vegas till the International travel restrictions lifted and then take off again.  In fact I planned a new itinerary.  But I'd have to give up my new apartment home and put everything in storage again.  I've been here eight months, and now I'm thinking I don't want to do that.  I like my home and it would be hard to replace. 

Also I've been to Europe and the UK almost every year since the mid '90s when my dad passed. And I know Daddy would be proud of me, in fact I used a conversation in my first Rachel O'Neill novel that he and I had about his wish to travel, and for me too. 

So I'm thinking now I'm changing, am slowing up and I'm a little bit tired.  Still I can take shorter vacations, but not months at a time, and not move out of my place. A couple weeks here and there, maybe. Am still hoping to go to Wales in September. 

But you never know with me.  Ha!  I could wake up one morning, super energized, put everything in storage and off I go again!!!  It's in my nature.  My life attests to it.  As you'll see in my next series - "Eight Husbands & Other Lovers".  Coming soon.


THAT IS THE QUESTION, do I want to leave all my stuff behind again?  What would you do?

I love my 3-bedroom apartment in Las Vegas (photos)  ... an ideal location and a wonderful space for all my furnishings and precious collectibles and mementos. But if I plan on traveling for months on end, such as the itinerary on the right,  I would have to pack up my apartment and put everything into LV storage in August 2021.  Can’t do both, lease an apartment stateside and travel on extended trips too. I can do short trips, without giving up the apartment. So there’s much to think about before June. 

Problem is I still feel the pull to continue my dream journey through other countries that was cut short by COVID last year. So, if travel permissions are given by June, when my apartment lease is to renew ... I have to decide.

If I do go on the open-ended extended journey, when I eventually tire of traveling, I may return to Vegas, may not. Either way, I love my freedom of choice.  ❤️❤️❤️