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THAT IS THE QUESTION, do I want to leave all my stuff behind again?  What would you do?

I love my 3-bedroom apartment in Las Vegas (photos)  ... an ideal location and a wonderful space for all my furnishings and precious collectibles and mementos. But if I plan on traveling for months on end, such as the itinerary on the right,  I would have to pack up my apartment and put everything into LV storage in August 2021.  Can’t do both, lease an apartment stateside and travel on extended trips too. I can do short trips, without giving up the apartment. So there’s much to think about before June. 

Problem is I still feel the pull to continue my dream journey through other countries that was cut short by COVID last year. So, if travel permissions are given by June, when my apartment lease is to renew ... I have to decide.

If I do go on the open-ended extended journey, when I eventually tire of traveling, I may return to Vegas, may not. Either way, I love my freedom of choice.  ❤️❤️❤️


Depending upon the COVID19 restrictions lifting, my travel itinerary, beginning the First of September, is on top right. I plan to meet up with, for the first time, and have a cup or glass with 3 or 4 Facebook friends along the way ... will let them know when the plans are finalized. Of course my dear friend Roger, who I've known for years, will be starting me off on this magnificent journey by being host and tour guide my first two weeks in Wales. ❤️❤️❤️  

Have already booked apartments, guest houses, and hotels in all other places. The month of December I'll be in Weymouth, England, before going to London and flying to Italy. Oh yes, must visit my dear friends on the south coast of England, of course; I'll be there through December, including Christmas and New Year’s. Fingers crossed I'll find time to start writing “Guesthouse Row”, since the mystery series is set in Weymouth by the seashore. So, I'll be making notes and picking the brains of the previous and present guesthouse owners; beware! Ha!

Notice I’ll be staying right on the Cinque de terre in Vernazza, Italy, a week before Florence. You know I am very excited about that, will attempt to walk the trail between towns as far as I can, even if it’s in January. Ha! But there are trains that run through tunnels between the five cliff-side towns, so I imagine I'll hopping on and off. I watched a Rick Steves travel series about Italy, and he recommended staying on the Cinque de terre, gave tips. I've used him before, even stayed in the same place he did in Bruges, Belgium.

Can’t wait for September! And I'll have my 81st birthday while in Wales!